Monday, August 29, 2011


readers, annyeong.

this will be the last post in E In The R.O.K and it comes with an apology for there not having been more.

the last few months have been some of the most exciting, traveled and busy of my life and I have only this excuse for not updating the blog. The excuse, however, comes with great happiness - as these things are all positive and warmly welcomed. The time has been tremendous.

As has the year.

And I did do something like 59 blogposts - which was 59 more than I thought I would.

But I enjoyed blogging and I'd be glad to know if any post gave you a better introduction into what my life is like here.

Alas, though, things are coming to an end and I am leaving Korea in only 3 short days. Lots to do before that!

Perhaps my blogging career will continue - perhaps not. No doubt that my adventures will go on and be numerous and scattered, and if I have the means I would always wish to keep friends & family in the loop.

For now, just know the year has been absolutely amazing - in so many ways - in so many ways I can both explain and not explain. Just a dream. I am looking forward to being home to see everyone, but I will miss my life here.

So then, I leave with the "other" annyeong and say goodbye. I'll have pictures coming up and around facebook and other places for you to see - no worries on that.

Until the next adventure,


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